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Financial and Legal Considerations

There may be financial decisions that you will have to soon consider.  Sometimes after the death of a loved one, families need to move residences.  This may be for financial reasons and the need is immediate and necessary.  However, it is suggested that moving households should be delayed for at least one year.  Closing out bank accounts, credit cards and other accounts in your loved ones name will also need to occur.  Keep in mind that accounts may be frozen once notice is given and any accounts that are shared accounts may have monies withheld until the will/trust/probate process has been administered.  Will administration may also need to occur during this time.  You may need to seek legal counsel to help guide you through some of these matters. 

Funeral homes should help you contact the Social Security Administration office to report the death or file for benefits.  If the death is of a partner or parent, you may also need to contact their current and former employers.  Human Resources can help you with any discovery of retirement/pension accounts or life insurance policies and assist you through that process.  


If your loved one served in the military, there may be veteran's benefits you are entitled to receive.  Contact the US Department of Veteran's Affairs for more information.   

If your loved one was attending college, you will need to contact the school's bursar office or financial aid office.  

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