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Evan's promise

Supporting the Suicide Bereaved by letting them know they are not alone.

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We provide a place of peace, healing and hope to those that have been impacted by the overwhelming experience of a death of a loved one by suicide. Come in to grieve openly, be loved unconditionally, and learn without judgement.  As a family that has been where you are now, we recognize the importance of immediate resources and support during this time.  You matter to us!  

Home: Services
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Aftercare Support

This type of support is especially important to those that have been exposed to suicide, as they are at a greater risk for suicide themselves. 


Number of people affected by one suicide loss.  Generally, there are 6 close family/friends that  are highly impacted by a suicide.  However, up to 135 people can be affected by one suicide.  These are the people we support and serve. 


One person dies by suicide every 11 minutes.

What We Do



Immediate Support

We provide immediate resources to families after a loss.  If you need additional help, you can contact us to set up a consultation.  


Support for Professionals

Upon request, we can supply grief and suicide aftercare related products for professional organizations that have been affected by a death by suicide.  We have brochures for funeral homes, law enforcement agencies and healthcare facilities to provide families with more resources.


Support for Families

We offer numerous ways to support families including information on local support groups, books, and podcasts.

The Kind Nest Retreat

After enduring the loss of our son, Evan, to suicide in 2019, we found our best support systems to be with those that had similar shared life experience with a suicide death.  Knowing we weren't alone in our sadness, gave hope to our healing.  That is what we want for you. While Evan's Promise is here to get you started on a journey back to peace and joy, we ultimately want to have a place where families and friends, such as all of us, can gather together and simply be.





We call this dream of ours THE KIND NEST.  Read more about it here.

  • Be there to listen.

  • Be there to heal.

  • Be there to relax and do nothing.

  • Be there to remind yourself to breathe.

  • Be there to spark a bit of joy.

  • Be there to hold each other up.

  • Be there to learn self-care.

  • Be there to take a long walk in nature.

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