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The Kind Nest

Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow - River Phoenix

Our vision is to create a place that will provide plenty of space for reflection, tranquility, and healing.  We named it The Kind Nest because our son was always called the "kindest" person.  The name is fitting, as we feel it to be a place of safety, healing, compassion, and love.  Our hope is that families will be able to build new memories, take time to bond with others and find hope in our community.

We envision a nature retreat, with individual cabins surrounding a central lodge for meetings, activities, meals, and training.  This special place would include designated areas for professional grief and support training as well as comfortable conversation.  A library for quiet reading and resources, a meditation lounge for reflection and journaling, a legacy room, and so much more.

If  you would like your loved ones name to be a part of this special place, we have opportunities for naming rights to several of the rooms and gathering spaces.

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