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Many loss survivors have found reading to be a helpful part of their healing journey. Here you will find books for adults, teens and children, as well as books that address a specific loss, such as loss of a child, spouse or sibling. Because loss by suicide is often traumatic, we also recommend books on post-traumatic stress.

A small percentage of any purchase you make is returned to Evan's Promise by Amazon.

A Different Kind of Same_edited_edited.j
Beyond Tears.jpg
Dawning of a New Day.jpg

Dawning of a New Day
Dr. Carolyn M. DeLeon

Grieving a Suicide_edited.jpg
Night Falls Fast_edited.jpg
A Grief Observed.jpg
Bruised and Wounded.jpg
Dying to Be Free.jpg
Healing After the Suicide.jpg
Not Time to Say Goodbye.jpg
After Suicide Loss.jpg
But I Didnt Say Goodbye.jpg
Finding Peace.jpg
Living Beyond the Why.jpg
Seeking Hope.jpg
Aftermath Picking Up the Pieces.jpg
Do They Have Bad Days.jpg
Finding Your Way.jpg
My Son My Son.jpg
Shattered From Grief to Joy_edited.jpg

Shattered: From Grief to Joy After My Son's Suicide
Rebecca Tervo

Someone I Love_edited.jpg
Something Very Sad Happened_edited.jpg
Surviving the Death.jpg
Teen Grief.jpg
The Body Keeps the Score_edited.jpg
The Forgotten Mourners.jpg
The Fox and the Feather_edited.jpg
The Gift of Second.jpg

The Fox and the Feather
Kendall Lanning

The Gift of Second
Brandy Lidbeck

The Story You Need to Tell.jpg
Understanding Your Suicide Grief.jpg
The Widow Next Door.jpeg
Voices of Strength.jpg
Things Jon Didnt Know About.jpg
Touched by Suicide.jpg

Touched by Suicide
Hope and Healing after Loss
Michael F. Myers and Carla Fine

Why Suicide.jpg

Many people find comfort in listening to podcasts during times of grief and sadness.  We have listed a few here.  

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