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Support Groups

Grief support groups offer a variety of ways to connect with others within the community (or world) that are experiencing the death of a loved one by suicide.  These types of social support groups are generally made up of individuals that have survived the death of a loved one by suicide.  Through the lived experience of others, friendships are formed and healing often begins.  Grief support groups can meet in person or via an online platform such as Zoom.  Groups can be peer led or facilitator led.  Suicide loss support groups that are peer led are run by others that are further along in their grief and loss journey.  There is no professional advice offered, only that of the peer members in attendance.  This type of group usually provides authentic support and allows members to speak honestly about their feelings and thoughts without judgement.  Facilitated groups are another resource.  This type of group is generally led by a mental health clinician and will have more structure to the meeting format.  The leader may, or may not, have personal experience with suicide bereavement.  Support groups can play a vital role in helping you and your family heal after a loss.  If you need help finding a group, you can contact us and we will be glad to assist you.  

Below is a link to locate a support group in your area.

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